Considering a Prenuptial Agreement? Better Know What You Want and do not Want

2 May

Have you ever heard the news? Katie Perry and Russell Brand, for only 14 months of marriage are becoming divorced! Seriously, if you are just hearing about this, you need to get out more.

Shockingly, they didn’t possess a prenuptial agreement, which is considered a staple of celebrity marriages. Considering the fact that Katy Perry is, at the moment, more successful and wealthier than Russell, she’d a lot to lose by lacking a prenup to safeguard her assets.

prenuptial agreement

According to the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, Katy is worth approximately $44 million, a lot more than Russell’s paltry $15 million. Had he chosen to visit court, he possibly stood to achieve 1 / 2 of her fortune, simply because they didn’t have prenuptial agreement outlining how their money could be divided in the case of a divorce.

הסכם ממון

Exactly what does this relate to me you may well ask? Well, it had not been so long ago that any discussion of a prenuptial agreement was avoided for fear of offending the intended, or sucking the romance from rapport. And several ordinary people simply viewed it as something just the rich or celebrities needed to deal with. However, with an increasing number of individuals marrying late in everyday life and remarrying for any second and third time, that appears to be changing.

A prenup is really a contract between two people who understand that a married relationship is as much an economic union as it is a psychological union, and that finances and emotions have the possibility to become toxic cocktail when mixed together in the wrong time or for the incorrect reasons.

Having the overall costs of a marriage, including a delineation of assets and debt, financial obligations and responsibilities, and clarification of post-marriage disposition of assets tied down prior to the vows, can in fact enhance the emotional security of the marriage. Prenups are generally more accepted when either individuals have something to protect or have pre-existing obligations that need to be fulfilled.

עורך דין הסכם ממון

Prenups are no longer considered to be vow killers or a necessity of only the wealthy. In fact, prenups are becoming en vogue and much more socially accepted as a courtship ritual through the masses.

However they really should not be entered into lightly, as the most mutually agreeable prenup could turn a married relationship split up into a divorce spat with devastating consequences. Whether you have the most to get rid of or the least to achieve, should you and your intended accept a prenup, it is important that it be achieved right.

The Right Reasons for a Prenup

You are bringing existing assets into the marriage (i.e., a house, investments, retirement account)
You have an ownership curiosity about a company.
You are expecting an inheritance
You have kids from a prior marriage
Your intended brings a boatload of debt towards the marriage
One or the other is considerably more financially well-off
You have relatives who are determined by you
You are involved in a profession or business with strong prospects for higher future earnings.

Conversely, if you are planning to be the spouse who supports your lover as a stay-at-home parent, or as they pursue an advanced degree or a business startup, or any other arrangement that requires some element of financial or career sacrifice from you, you need to seek greater financial equity that reflects your contribution and willingness to sacrifice.

While a prenup is designed to codify the financial arrangements of a marital breakup (or after a death), they may be equally significant in helping couples better understand each others’ values, principles, vision and dreams. The discussions prior to the agreement could be a wonderful chance to learn much more about each other as well as your views of marriage. It is also a method to turn an otherwise unpleasant focus on an unwanted future into a positive and loving discovery session.